Living Room

Built In TV Units & Living Room Renovations

We often take for granted the living spaces within our homes, no room is overlooked more so in this respect than the living room and, in our opinion, no aspect more so than our custom fitted living room furniture. We offer TV wall units and multimedia cabinets and cupboards that suit modern living, made in a wide variety of designs and all fully customisable. Custom made TV furniture Designed , built and installed by our highly skilled in-house team. We specialise in creating quality personalised Built in and Fitted Furniture that optimises space in a functional, adaptable and elegant design delivered to a high quality and within a competitive price.

Wall Mounted Units

Our TV wall units and TV media centres are created and designed around you and your lifestyle.

Living Room Renovations

One thing all living rooms have in common is that they are used to some extent for storage. Custom built in living room furniture provides ample storage space that compliments your living room’s dimensions and enhances its overall aesthetic value.

Built in Living Room Furniture

Our houses normally have multiple television sets and even more gadgetry and technology that accompany them. Our crafted and bespoke fitted media centres give your TV the perfect space to be seen, as well as housing all the additional boxes and media platforms that you likely have.

With today’s sleek, cutting edge TV technology, you will definitely want an equally stunning and stylish TV media unit as the perfect media backdrop. Our units are a dedicated space for all of your TV needs.

Hide away all of the unsightly wiring, backlight your shelving to showcase your Blu-ray, DVD and Game collections, securely house your surround sound and keep your “set-top” boxes in order.

Built in Living Room Furniture

We understand that everyone has their own personality and taste, we pay attention to the smallest details, while blending your ideas to create furniture that is unique to you and your home.

Our team is always ready to help you create fitted living room furniture that provides you with a quality that will be admired for years to come.

Once you have received your personalised estimate, the next stage is to arrange a home visit to discuss your ideas in detail.

At Amwab Interiors, we marry high quality furniture, hand crafted, with your lifestyle in mind, modern designs, elegant features and finishes.

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